• Nandini Ramanan

Navratri Golu!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

One thing that hasn’t changed with Navaratri is the ‘sundal’. Most other things have changed over a time. My mom had this huge proclivity for ‘dressing’ me up during golu! And trust me I relished the attention as well. Having brought up in a typical Tambrahm setting I grew up creating parks and zoos for the Golu, and I certainly relive the moment when I see my small cousin doing the same now. Gradually such celebrations faded as I went off to college. Yet Navaratri did not lose its charm.The holiday spirit with more ‘mature’ golu visits continue, yet what I looked forward to now, was wearing the half-sarees and sarees with matching accessories. It was the time to discover the traditional woman in you. May be. 25 years and I am home again to celebrate Navaratri, tambrahm style with the most amazing people :D

My home where my heart lies.

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